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 Im šupak&u2

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Gym Leaders

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PostSubject: Im šupak&u2   Tue May 31, 2011 5:23 pm

Cool hello, this isnt really complain, its more of a messege, if you want, i can get you html codes each day for new episodes of pokemon. I REALLY LIKE IT! if you change your mind we can still do pokedex, just leave me a messege saying if you want to keep episodes. also make sure to create forum called: Pokemon of the week; if you want, i can post movesets & information about them each week, you just make a poll asking about new POTW(pokemon of the week). If you think of any other way to improve site, i'll be glad to help. Good night (its 11:22 pm here) <3 pale
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Im šupak&u2
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