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 Battle Notebooks

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PostSubject: Battle Notebooks   Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:45 pm

Heres the info for creating a Battle notebook (BN for short)Ok y'all heres the info for your Notebook
Name of Region:Safaria
Number of big Cities:14
Names of big Cities:(Order Largest to smallest) Crown City,Ever Grande City,Lakeland City,Cambridge City,Mobileopilis,Birmingham,New Paza City,Morgan City,Sapphire City,Emerald City, Landin City,Brooker,Mobile,Chacaygo City.
Number of medium Towns:5
Names of medium towns:(Order Largest to smallest)Rayville,Irvington,Langley Falls,Grand Bay,Jackson hill
Number of Small towns:4
Names of Small towns:(Order Largest to smallest)Makai Town,(HOMETOWN FOR YOUR CHARACTER)Waynesville,Lake Martin,West Morgan.
Gyms:Altogether( ONLY Big cities have gyms (1st largest to 8th largest)
Elite Four:4 the elite four appear when you get all 8 badges a island with a huge castle is discovered the elite four awaits there along with the champion
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Battle Notebooks
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